Brain injuries may increase your risk for bad faith insurance issues

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2020 | Motor vehicle accidents |

After a major motor vehicle collision, there are certain kinds of injuries that often result in more expensive insurance claims than others. In fact, there are injuries that often result in costs that far exceed the average motor vehicle insurance policy’s medical coverage. Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are among the most significant and potentially expensive injuries someone can suffer in a crash.

Brain injuries can impact someone’s memory, balance and motor function. It more severe cases, TBIs can keep people from returning to work or even caring for themselves. Some people with brain injuries may need a lifetime of support and expensive medical care.

As a result of these potential expenses, many insurance companies aggressively negotiate claims involving brain injuries in order to minimize the expenses that they incur, which could leave people at risk for bad faith insurance practices that impact their claim and the amount of compensation they receive.

Insurance companies have an obligation to resolve claims in good faith

If you have to make a claim against another driver’s insurance policy for a brain injury, chances are good that you have substantial medical expenses and lost wages as well. Insurance companies should look at the real impact an injury will have on your life and income before determining how to handle your claim. There are laws in place that govern how insurance companies respond to valid claims.

Unfortunately, many insurance companies will risk violating the law in the hope of reducing their liability connected to a major injury like a TBI. They may offer a settlement amount that is far below the actual costs of the injury with an eye on ending their liability. Such questionable settlement practices may constitute bad faith insurance and open the company up to legal action.

Protect yourself when dealing with insurance companies

Although many insurance companies love to advertise in a way that makes them seem friendly and neighborly, they are looking out for their bottom line and profit margin for shareholders.

You also need to protect your best interests if you have to engage in negotiations with an insurance company regarding a brain injury you or someone you loved suffered in a car crash.