Understanding the long-term effects of a TBI in California

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Getting assaulted or involved in a motor vehicle accident that results in a traumatic brain injury can be devastating, both emotionally and cognitively. This injury occurs due to a quick jolt or blows to the head, injuring the brain. Experiencing a TBI can lead to many neurological issues that can negatively affect the quality of life.

Common issues resulting from a TBI

Receiving a TBI or concussion, which is a mild TBI, can result in several adverse issues. These issues can include changes to cognition, mental state and behavior. Suffering a TBI can result in mild or severe symptoms, which may be ongoing or temporary. These symptoms could include insomnia, anxiety, memory loss and headaches. Having problems focusing, making poor judgments or not being able to speak correctly can happen as well.

Medical assessments and brain imaging

Getting in a car wreck that results in a TBI will likely require medical attention to understand the damage that’s occurred. Undergoing brain imaging and other medical assessments can help create a baseline for testing. If you or a loved one has suffered a concussion or TBI, it’s critical to be evaluated by a primary care physician.

Visiting a neuropsychologist or forensic neuropsychologist

After suffering a TBI, it can be helpful to get assessed by a neuropsychologist. These physicians specialize in the brain and nervous system structures and their relation to cognitive function and behavior.

Visiting a forensic neuropsychologist may be done for legal reasons. These professionals can create a report documenting assessments and results. It may also include recommended treatments and the research associated with the efficacy of the treatment modalities.

Brain imaging

Taking images of the brain after a TBI has occurred can provide a detailed assessment of the injured area. Using an MRI machine is typically a top choice. Having a DTI scan completed can show the nerve structure and wiring of the brain to determine the extent of damage due to the TBI.

Knowing how the brain is affected after suffering a TBI can be critical. Lifelong changes producing adverse effects may be present when this condition occurs.