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Mr. Ring has successfully represented clients for 35 years against defendants such as the Trump Family and Large Insurance Carriers

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An Aggressive Litigator For Real Estate And Construction Disputes

Real estate and construction defect litigation requires your attorney to have the knowledge and expertise of how best to navigate what is often multi-party litigation involving complex issues. Mr. Ring is well versed and experienced in assembling the right combination of experts, overseeing the evaluation of claimed damages or defenses while keeping an eye on important insurance issues. Mr. Ring also success has substantial experience handling real property disputes relating to easements, boundary disputes, and Quiet Title actions.  Mr. Ring will work closely with you to create an efficient legal strategy that maximizes your prospects of succeeding at trial.

Mr. Ring assists commercial businesses, homeowners associations and individuals in construction defect and real property disputes. He represents clients throughout the Los Angeles metro area, including Los Angeles, Ventura, Riverside and Orange counties from his Woodland Hills office. You can talk directly to Mr. Ring and schedule your free case evaluation by calling 818-835-5842.

Mr. Ring’s landmark case against Donald J. Trump shows his ability to take on the largest opponents and succeed. Mr. Ring represented over 200 people who lost millions of dollars in investments in the failed Trump Ocean Resort Baja and achieved a successful outcome against all odds.

A Seasoned Attorney For Commercial and Consumer Real Estate Disputes

Mr. Ring represents clients having residential and commercial real estate disputes involving purchasers, sellers, construction companies, real property developers and other commercial businesses. Mr. Ring is also an experienced advocate for clients facing legal trouble with the purchase or sale of real property.

Other real property related disputes may include:

  • Breach of Contract
  • Easements and Boundary Disputes
  • Quiet Title and Partition Actions
  • Reviewing Commercial Leases
  • Breach of a Purchase and Sale Agreement for Real Property
  • Intentional Torts Arising Out of Real Property Disputes
  • Real Estate Broker/Agent Negligence

Mr. Ring’s experience as a litigator allows him to provide you with effective pre-litigation advice and guidance in the hope you may avoid legal problems in the future.

Knowing Your Construction Defect Case

A homeowner forced to confront a major remodeling job or construction of a new home gone bad is an absolutely overwhelming experience for the homeowner. You need an attorney that recognizes how best to minimize your expenses while assembling a team of experts capable of winning your case at trial or achieving a reasonable resolution designed to fit your goals. Mr. Ring will oversee all aspects of the litigation and ensure your case will be presented with professionalism and credibility.

Mr. Ring represents clients with many different types of construction defects, including:

  • Foundation Settlement and Hillside Failures
  • Waterproofing
  • Toxic Mold

In some cases, you may need to battle with an insurance provider to get proper coverage for a claimed defect. Mr. Ring has a thorough understanding of insurance contracts and coverage, real estate appraisals and cost estimates so that you can get the repairs and compensation you deserve.

Call A Proven Real Estate And Construction Lawyer

Mr. Ring has over 30 years of construction defect and real estate dispute litigation experience. The wide range of cases he has handled includes Northridge Earthquake insurance claims, appraisals, arbitrations, and trials. Mr. Ring litigated several hundred such cases against the largest insurance carriers in California — including Allstate, 20th Century, Farmers and State Farm. Mr. Ring will work with you to find an agreeable fee structure for your case and will represent clients on either a contingency fee or an hourly fee basis. To schedule a free consultation with Mr. Ring, call 818-835-5842 or use the contact form. He will find a time that suits your schedule and give you an honest evaluation of your case.